Doctor in Hove (BN3 1AE)

The doctors of Hove (East Sussex are 24/7 at your disposal There is thus always a doctor available to handle your health disorders. In general, doctors diagnose and treat diseases and always offer you a place where to go in case of illness or injury.

As doctors perform a wide range of tasks, the doctors of Hove work within a broad field of activities:

  • permanent emergency service, home visits

  • prevention and rehabilitation, research and care of chronic diseases e.g. diabetes

  • administration: billing, medical reports and costs in general

  • diagnosis: history, measurements and x-ray, ultrasound or ECG examinations, investigations

  • therapy: administer medication, issue prescriptions as well as certificates and transfers,

In addition, the specialist medical practitioners in Hove offer specialized diagnoses and therapies as well as pre- and post-operative care in various fields. The biggest areas of expertise include internal medicine (including cardiovascular problems and respiratory diseases), surgery (including plastic and cardiac surgery), gynaecology (including gynaecology, mammography), psychiatry and psychotherapy (including neuro-psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry).

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